Erotic Story – Alisha’s Party

Alisha was approaching her 23rd birthday and she’d decided to have a party. She was a dirty little bitch at the best of times so the party was bound to be pretty hot and steamy. It was rumored among her friends that she had invited a whole heap of guys to come and “entertain them”.

On her invitation list were virtually all the girls she worked with at the elite London escort agency she worked, and most of them were going to be able to make it. Alisha had lost count of who was coming and who wasn’t but it didn’t really matter as long as everyone had a good time.

She had put a lot of the organizing in the hands of her very close friend Isabell, another seriously hot Brazilian born beauty who worked at the agency. Isabell was looking forward to one thing and one thing alone – the men! Isabell had an insatiable appetite for men.

The last time Isabell and Alisha went out for a night out they brought four guys home with them and fucked them all within an inch of their lives. The guys could hardly walk in the morning when Isabell finally kicked their sorry asses out on the street.

So with these two alone there would be enough action going on. These South American babes certainly knew how to party. The party was dues to start at around 8pm and the guys would be arriving about an hour later. There were no other men invited, only the “entertainment”.

Alisha bought a new outfit for the party. She and Neelam (an Indian babe who also worked at the agency) had been out shopping that day and got some seriously sexy outfits to wear. Neelam had actually bought herself a policeman’s uniform with a hat, nightstick, gun and cuffs to match! Alisha hadn’t been as adventurous as this but she has managed to find the shortest dress in London with the lowest cleavage! They were both sure to be very popular indeed.

When Alisha got ready she looked stunning indeed. The dress she wore was white, with flimsy little straps. She decided she would wear panties underneath, along with a pair of white silk, hold-up stockings, since she knew something would happen later.

Her long brunette hair fell down either shoulder, framing her beautiful face in a picture perfect pose as she answered the door to some of the other girls from work. There was the very beautiful Paris, looking demure in a rather conservative, yet somewhat paradoxically erotic looking business suit and heels. Then behind Paris walked Vicky; they had shared a cab over.

Vicky was an Eastern European babe hailing from Poland originally. She looked fantastic in her short red mini dress with her blonde, shoulder length hair contrasting beautifully. She looked smolderingly gorgeous in her dress, and her high heels allowed her 5’ 7” height to appear even larger!

Many more of the girls came after these early birds, and before anyone really knew how much time had passed the room was filled with gorgeous London escort girls from all over the world. They were all happily drinking wine, listening to music and snacking on very expensive snacks that tasted awful, when the doorbell rang.

Alisha, who had been listening out for the door, automatically turned off the music and signalled to Ash, another European blonde babe, to answer the door while she ushered everyone to the seating area.
When Ash opened the door she was greeted with about ten men dressed in dinner jackets and bow ties.

They all looked a little like they were applying for the next James Bond movie. Ash ushered them in, giggling while she did it. You could tell by the look on the guys’ faces that they couldn’t believe their luck here; to them, this was the jackpot!

Alisha asked them kindly to line up in front of the seating area on a place that looked a little like a stage. It promised to be a little like The Full Monty by the looks of what was happening. All the girls started to laugh. The expensive wine and the dreadful snacks were mixing together to turn things into something really naughty.

“What do you think of these guys?” shouted Alisha. There was an enormous cheer as around fifteen to twenty London escort girls all joined voices. The sound was quite intimidating to be perfectly honest.

“I want a lap dance!” Shouted Natalia, the very beautiful European blonde dressed in a mini skirt and fishnet stockings. She was certainly prepared for a party involving male “entertainment.

“You’ll all get what you want when they’ve had a chance to show us what they’ve got girl,” shouted Alisha as she signalled again to Ash over by the door to switch on the music. This time the music was slower and more erotic; I think it was sexual healing or something like that; either way it had that kind of groove to it!

The men moved back and forth in front of the girls stripping and dancing slowly and provocatively until a few of the girls could take it no more. The first to give way to the flood of testosterone into the room was Christina, a Japanese babe with long legs and even longer brunette hair. She’d been watching one of the guys closest to her and suddenly decided that she wanted to get to her knees and drink her wine from off of his smooth, naked chest. He didn’t complain!

The next to mix up the action was Bella, a French babe with some of the pertest boobs you’ve ever seen in your entire life. She was grabbed by her man as she approached, and both of them fell to a couch and began what can only be described as foreplay!

Alisha was next to get involved in some action. After all, it was her birthday party wasn’t it? She approached two men dancing together, actually caressing each other. Any other girl would have felt a little intimidated by it and not approached, thinking that the two guys were gay, but not Alisha; Alisha never let anything put her off.

It was lucky that she did too, because no sooner had she approached the two fine looking guys, than they decided to lift her up between them and carry her off to the couch. She put her hands all over their naked chests and legs. At one point it became difficult to decipher which man was which; they were both so muscular and tanned.

Eventually Alisha managed to get them out of their shorts and she was presented with two hard cocks before her. They were so hard that she could almost lean on one of them to bring herself up onto her knees in order to suck the other; which she proceeded to do greedily. She heard a shout of encouragement from Maxine, the blonde babe from Prague, from across the room by the coffee table.

While she sucked on one of the guys cocks she stroked the other one and looked up into the guy’s face who owned it. She looked tenderly into his eyes, and he couldn’t help but stroke her hair as she wanked him back and forth, making his cock end pop each time out of its foreskin like it was the first. Alisha prided herself on her masturbation and oral technique and she wanted to demonstrate it to the boys for reasons unknown to anyone other than herself (perhaps she just wanted recognition?)

After Alisha had swapped cocks a few times and both boys had been sucked off equally, she decided that it was time for the boys to reciprocate this kind attention she’d been giving them, so she took off her panties and allowed her dress to come right up above her hips and for them to see her wide open pussy, waiting for them to address the issue.

“You go girl!” Shouted Isabell as she looked on from across the room. Isabell was having a little fun of her own with one of the dancers. He’d managed to get Isabell completely naked and was about to bend her over the arm of a chair and pull his shorts down to service her.

“Come and join me,” called Alisha to Isabell, as she moaned a little when one of her boys stuck his tongue straight into her pussy.

“I’m a little busy babe, maybe later,” Isabell replied.

Just when the birthday girl was about to get a mouthful of cock again as the other guy straddled her face, his cock was taken in by Layla, another of the Indian escort girls from the agency.

“Great party Alisha,” she said around a mouthful of hard cock.

As Layla sucked on the guys cock Alisha got a wonderful view of his balls as they swung heavy in front of her face. They were full of cum, she could tell and all she could think about was having it shoot all over her body. She flicked out her tongue and caught the end of his balls making his jump a little and thrust even harder into Layla’s mouth. Alisha heard her gag and smiled to herself.

Over by the door Alisha’s party had taken on a synchronized theme as three girls: Ash, the Blonde European, Angelina the brunette European, and Anita the Brazilian babe, were all being fucked hard in the doggy position by three men at what seemed like exactly the same time. All three girls were completely naked and their boobs were swinging beneath them. The guys took full advantage of this and all seemed to grab them at the same time.

Alisha’s party had truly turned into what she really wanted, an orgy. All the girls new it before they arrived, it was only the unwitting guys that hadn’t a clue. However, not one of them was idle, and none of them were complaining either.

Before long there were lots and lots of cum shots and some of the girls were already standing up looking for things to wipe their faces and boobs on; since this seemed to be the only place the guys ever wanted to dump their sticky jizz.

The girls didn’t seem to mind too much and those that had gotten bored waiting for another guy to get hard again had started to amuse themselves on their own or with each other.
Ella and Victoria, a European and an English girl, certainly managed to entertain themselves as they licked at each other greedily whilst three guys stood over them furiously stroking their cocks in eager anticipation of their next hard on.

The night went on like this for hours until all the wine was gone, the dreadful snacks were eaten and the bodies of all who took part in the party were strewn all over the place like a scene from a Pompeian orgy!
Alisha promised everyone that next year would be even better!

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