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We all like a bit of The Good Life, don’t we? Personally, I’ve always been a man who likes to indulge in the world of sex. I won’t spend my time telling you exactly who I am or what I do, but I think a bit of context is important. So what can I say? Well, I’m a West Yorkshire boy; born and bred from my first breath to the inevitable grave waiting for me. I took that first gulp of air at the Nuffield Hospital and spent most of my youth on the cobbles of and around Leeds.

As a kid I was always wheeling and dealing, looking to get as much cash as I could to actually make something of myself. Throughout most of my teenage years I was moving boxes for the odd score and involving myself in circles that I’d rather forget though at the time, the monkey waiting for me on the other side of a day’s work couldn’t be resisted. Anyway, I managed to get my name known and from that, developed quite a relationship with a suit who helped me get my big break.

As much as I love my home city, I don’t get to visit it that much these days. The real estate market is huge and more often than not, requires me to be in other countries to deal with people who I don’t really want deal with. Still, when I get a little bit home sick I always make sure to go back and check up on my mum and see how the old place is doing. I mean really, is a quick kiss and a cuddle that much to ask for after all that was given to me when I was little?

Moving on, let me tell you about London Escorts. Now I simply can’t commit myself to one girl as with my work load it wouldn’t really be fair. That being said, I’m a man who loves to have a bit of fun in the bedroom and there’s nothing better than turning to a real London escort for the pleasure. I’ve always used one elite escort agency whenever I want to experience a night with a real Leeds girl – the great thing about them is the range of escorts in West Yorkshire that they have.

So anyway, last week I was back in the land of red a white, experiencing the height of luxury at my gorgeous apartment overlooking the Thames. It was rather early in the evening and I really didn’t have much planned, so what else would someone in my position do? I got on the blower and arranged for a busty Leeds escort to make her way to my apartment so we could share a night of passion. Within the hour, a high profile Leeds escort was in my apartment looking more gorgeous than the city itself.

Although I mentioned that I was a bit of a bad boy and I admit, I do love getting it on in the bedroom, I couldn’t resist taking her out for a meal and showing her a good time. Plus, it’s always good to be seen out and about with the cream of West Yorkshire talent. I took her to a nice little restaurant that was only a few minutes away and I must be honest, it was obvious we got on like house and fire. The night went on and I could see my charm was really taking her breath away – in fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was more keen on getting into bed with me than I was with her.

We got back to my place and spent quite a long time working each other up. I must say that I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a better view than the one that night – there I was, fully inside a gorgeous Leeds escort, looking out over a city that had taken care of me for most of my years. What was the best thing about it? A natural, native UK escort moaning and screaming my name as we did the dirty.

I really can’t tell you how many hours we spent in a blissful ecstasy of sexual pleasure that night, all I know is that the next time I want to experience the best escort available, I’ll contact her again. She did things with her tongue that would make you question the limits of delight, she had a body that would make you weak at the knees and the way she flaunted that backside of hers isn’t something you can put into words. I’ve used escort services before but truth be told, nothing compared to this experience. She was gorgeous, seductive, horny and best of all, 100% English.

If you’re going to visit Leeds and can handle the idea of being taken to new realms of pleasure by a high class escort then I definitely recommend you do it. Girlfriends Palace girls will do everything they can to make sure you have the best time you can and truth be told, that’s exactly what they do. You really can’t beat having a gorgeous woman submit her body to you and from what I can tell, you can book escorts in Leeds that are from every corner of the globe. So whether you’re like me and have a taste for British flesh or prefer to experience a nice diverse culture when you travel, there are plenty of Escorts available for you to spend your time with. That’s all from me – I’m off to try and convince someone that I need another week off of work to go back to Leeds. Fingers crossed, eh?

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