Escorting in West Yorkshire

Escorting in West Yorkshire and the rest of England has witnessed much progress in the 21st Century and indeed the latter part of the last Century. It has now fully intergrated into our way of life and equality with women has changed the face of society.

Escorts started to become established in the 1960s, since then they have gone from strength to strength. These girls are at the very top of this profession, and know exactly how to treat and deal with their customers.

The solicitation laws are basically the same as they have always been. So, if a woman is known as a prostitute, being on the street and soliciting would still lead to arrest. Policing the streets is still pretty much as it was, so there is not much change and prosecution will still take place.

Permitting ladies to work together, was done in an attempt to increase the welfare aspect. The escorts in West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and the rest of England are no where near as vulnerable as in the 18th century; It has become a profession and one that is very successful, where they can make a good living.

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